Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I am thinking. (assignment #2)

Absolutely, Alternative to Marriage is too strange to me. Because I never heard about this situation when I livied in Korea. Also almost parents want that their children will be married with good person in Korea. My mother too. In America, some American live with their partner over 5 years without marriage. This is too long time to understand each others. If they are Korean than their parents never admit living together long time also almost neighborhood don't like them because they think that it effects bad things to their chilren.

Alternatives to Marriage ( 1#)

I could read kind of Alternatives to Marriages. Example, Living Together (People who are unmarried live together), Living Alone (They want to live alone. Recently, It is common.), Unmarried childbearing and parenting (41% of them who are unmarried have baby under 18 years old. More about unmarried different-sex couples (55% of them get married within 5 years of moving in together ; However, 40% of them break up at same time ; Otherwise, 10% of them remain in unmarried over 5 years.).
Also, I could find rate of kind of Alternatives to Marriages.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Introduction of Novel

This novel which is named Snow Falling On Ceders, shows Kabuo who commited a crime, but maybe it is not true. Most people guess Kabuo killed Carl, who i s a fisherman. So Kabuo beeing judged at trial. This is the main story. It shows two love stories because Ishmael Kabuo both love Hatsue, who is Kabuo`s wife. Ishmael loved Hatsue but their love was broken because of their race. If I was Ishmael yhan I would ran away with Hatsue who is a very beautiful girl. I wouldn`t want to give up my love with Hatsue. Therefore Ishmael was stupid.
I introduce the extra chracter, whose name is Etta Heine. She is Carl`s mother, whose background is German like her husband. She is not composed. She is very greedy for money, she makes a clever excuse and doesn`t have endurance.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My thinking.....

I think that this site tell us serious social problem.
Decreasing muder rate is good for our society,
but more importance is to increase youth
who carries the gun commit crimes which are killing.
This web site has many information to know crime`s figures.
So I easily understand a issue about crime.

Weblog Assignment.....

This website shows me about U.S muder rate.
Recently overall U.S murder rate is downy,
but young people who uses the gun to kill
another people killing is increased.
A journalist made this news paper.
I think that he told us about a serious social problem
which is youth killing by the gun.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ten most wanted list

Topten people who commited very bad crime are fugitives.
It shows that this weblog explains criminal`s some personal imfomations,
their pictures and their behavors.
I think that FBI officer made this weblog.
They warned that fugitives are so dangerous.
They want that if you look them than you have to report.


These imformations are very important.
Because many people avoid their danger.
I think that this site is very beneficial.
Because I can know people who are dangerous.
The subject is good because I can know outline of this article.
It is interesting. Because I can know imformation which are detailed about fugitives.